• AGM – September 15, 2014

    AGM – September 15, 2014

    Dear Members

    The Annual General Meeting for the West Vancouver Tennis Club has been set for September 15, 2014 at 7pm in the clubhouse. A new Board of Directors will be elected at that time. The Bylaws state that a Nomination Committee will be established by the Board of Directors at least two months prior to the AGM to develop of slate of officers. This slate will be posted in the clubhouse 30 days before the AGM.

    In addition, members can make nominations for the Board. Nomination forms are available to all members from the Manager. These forms need to be signed by two members of the club and returned to the Manager 21 days before the AGM.

    All nominations will be voted upon at the meeting.

    The Directors that have been nominated by the Board at present are:

    President – Nancy Beaty
    Vice President – Colin MacDonald
    Treasurer – Hal Hartmann
    Past President – Gill Eston
    Tournament Director – Janet O’Callaghan, Elizabeth Wilcox, Sharron Weeks
    Coaching Director – Janet O’Callaghan, Elizabeth Wilcox, Sharron Weeks
    Social Director – Gordon Saunders, Leslie Sielski
    Junior Director – Chris Coulter
    Grounds Director – Colin MacDonald